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4 reasons I’m going to divorce Facebook

Winter is here and my feelings got all cold and old. A few days ago I decided to change my mobile provider so I signed the annulment papers without a blink. Now I’m thinking about giving up my Facebook account and here’s why: 

1. Starting from dec. 2 Facebook already took action in changing some of our security settings – if until now we had a somewhat sense of control over our posts, photos (and webcams), that’s not going to be possible in one month time.

2. It became way to advertisy for me – yes, my dream is to work in marketing and I do appreciate what Facebook can do in that direction, but as an individual I feel myself burried in a mass of adds that don’t necessary interest me. Part of my daily activity is internet research upon different subjects and constantly having ads related to that in my Newsfeed is not what I want. They can’t make the difference between real interest in a product, company, person or event and a purely data gathering interest, so we are not going to escape this too soon.

3. It constantly messes with my friend list – while zapping through my contacts I always have surprises: good friends not being there and total strangers in my Close Friends list. And, to make things worse, you can’t bulk delete connections, you have to do it one at the time.

4. Twitter catched my eye a few years ago – being perfectly happy with Facebook back then I didn’t really use my Twitter account, considering it more of a third party blog advertising thingy. Now I am starting to see why the lack of personal data on the account, the lack of ads crowding in my feed (as far as I was able to see) and the simplistic way this micro-blogging platform works, I am really considering moving in with them. Of course, the Romanian community is not so big there, but that’s not the point. According to a social media study did in 2012 (or so, I can’t really remember), Twitter has more quality accounts than any other social media platform out there.

And a fifth reason: if there were chances my mom would set up a Facebook account (quote: “I can’t believe you’re there all alone an unsupervized!” – yes mom, the Romanian State declared me a capable adult two and a half years ago, it’s all good), she’d never venture on the vast, yet weird universe of Twitter. Thankies to that!


PS: I remembered this later on – am I the only one that has problems with the way Facebook functions every week? Unavailabily of the chat features, odd old (like my highschool projects) designs, buttons not working and crazy sorcery things happening to the way posts are scattered have become a normal thing for me.


4 thoughts on “4 reasons I’m going to divorce Facebook”

  1. Nice topic, well written.
    I’m not disappointed with FB because I dind’t expect much, a free service is like free software, you take it “as it is”. My friends are my friends, with or without FB, meaning we used to be friends long before Zuckerberg went to grammar school. My FB friends, on the other hand, are a social game and that’s it. No matter how manipulative, FB will not be able to mess with anything I did not post. The choice is mine.

    1. Thank you very much!
      Yes, the choice is ours, but in the vast enigma of the internet if I can avoid low or unexistent privacy settings, I will.

  2. How about friends who for some reason or another are NOT in your friend list anymore but instead you find a bunch of random guys from Saudi Arabia stalking your profile and making inappropriate comments in a very bad English?


    1. “Hy gurl, biutifal pictare. uana b frendz?” – that kind of comments? Yeah, I do have some problems with online awkward stalkers who are unblockable. Facebook should really add a freak test to its services…

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