Sincerly yours

Hate the hating, love the world

I can’t really tell you what happened, but I came home knowing I was going to write this. Yes, I am somewhat of a hater. In the sense that I tend to freely express my opinions, be they shitty or not.

I guess I told you that in the past few years I changed the way I look at life. I became unable to even think badly about people. So you can imagine that I am a hate the hate kind of girl.

Oh, boy, I hate so many things I can’t even count them on Dioda’s hair. But I hate concepts, not the people that stand behind or in front of them.

I hate the idea of begging. I do not hate beggars.

I hate the idea of violence. I do not hate people that are violent, because I do not know their story (and I am not sure I do want to know that).

I hate stupidity. I do not hate stupid people – all of us have something we excel at, be that quantic physics or mowing a lawn.

And, to see the other side of the coin, I do not love people that believe in concepts I feel close to me.

I love to read. I do not love people who take quotes out of context and transform them in some mainstream medicine.

I love coffee. I do not love the waiter serving me.

I love hashtags. I am not going to like you if you #write #like #this.

The conclusions? Stop mixing together people and concepts; breathing, living, able to think entities and…things should not be mixed together. Hate the hating, love the world.


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