Social Media Equals Love

Hello, I’m on Ello!

Christmas break is halfway over and we all know what this means. Yes, we will soon leave the pork chops and the mulled wine behind us and jump in the sea of remaining midterms and finals. Boohoo!

On that sad and sappy note, I do have some good news. Remember my article on why I want to give up on Facebook? (is it sad that as I was writing that phrase my brain went all the way to A Great Big World’s song, Say something?) Well, a few weeks ago I requested an invitation from the new ad-free social media Ello.

Blink, blink. I learned my leson this time, I did not blame the Price of Persia for the new e-mail waking me up in the middle of the night. Sadly, this time it was him, together with a message about a new Viagra Mall opening somewhere in the USA soon enough (guys, God heard you, he made your wishes come true). And, right between these two, my Ello request approval.

I am not gonna go all balistic: it’s easy to use and really minimalistic. As I was in a continuous run for the past few days, I didn’t really get the chance to post anything and see how does that work out, but I am going to share this blog post there just to see how powerful it really is. I like the fact that, like no other platform, it understood that most of the things we see in our newsfeed goes on as being just background noise so it named it just like that. It nice to call something by it’s name.

You can find me there as cris-i, maybe we can be friends (if you promise not to be a stalker)

Speaking of which, I really have a problem in that direction, meaning that I have friends who I haven’t been in contact for more that a year that send me texts and call me and ask about things that were on my wall like a gazillion posts ago and that is just uncool. Just like, share, comment and pass by, guys, it’s healthier for all of us.


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