Happiness is in the details

In the rain droplets on your jeans, while you’re enjoying your coffee outside;

In the one line you manage to write that day;

In the smiles you steal on the subway;

In hearing your friends voice on the phone;

In getting dragged by your dog, who just wants to smell THAT piece of ground;

In the little messages you leave for yourself on the mirror;

In the peace of mind you get when you know you did the right thing;

In that morning text that just makes you smile. Like an idiot;

In that meaningless flirty banter;

Each day I learn more and more on how much happiness I can take out of little things. And it just makes me giddy and gives me so much energy. When I walk home from the subway, close to midnight, I just want to skip. I get home, put music on, and all I can think of is how nice it is to dance alone in your living room, not giving a crap about the world, but still managing to take it all in.

Happiness is in each small thing you make your own.

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