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How to write a blog article that gets you organic reach

Oh, the joy of writing. I started to forget about it.

Being half bored tonight I decided to check up on my blog statistics. Expecting to see…nothing. Since I am not such an active blogger and just remember about my writing passion when the fridge is empty, I expected to see some normal digits. Continue reading “How to write a blog article that gets you organic reach”

Short stories

Eye-cleansing Monday #5 – the lazy appology

Oh yes, I have forgotten my blog for (more than) a few months, but I am basically back on it like a bee racing for honey. I have to admit I kinda missed writing and doing research and yes, I am being a little emotional about this reconnection of ours, but I do not appologize for it.

It’s high time for another Eye-Cleasing Monday and what better way to start another summer week than with some pretty, pretty gardens. Enjoy and don’t forget to keep up the good spirit for the rest of the week 🙂